Our Mission

Submitted by trustee on Sat, 03/08/2014 - 00:43

The Generals Youth Football Association and Cheerleading Association's mission is to educate and train student athletes to compete at the hghest level of their capability.

We offer student athletes the ability to reach their highest level of skill by providing them with proper training, coaching, motivation, and discipline. Through the participation and instruction in our football and cheerleading programs, we promote the ideas of good sportsmanship, personal integrity, perseverance, and healthy lifestyle as a part of our five star principals.  The Generals Youth Football Association and Cheerleading Association strives to teach a competitive brand of football utilizing unmatched facilities, great training, and safety equipment, combined with the commitment to give our youth an enjoyable and memorable team experience, skills that prepare them for the next level of competition.

Our five star areas of focus are: Discipline, Leadership, Scholarship, Integrity, and Spirit.  The decisions that we make as a program and leadership team tie into our mission, and these areas of focus.


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