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The Generals Youth Football and Cheerleading Association operates under the guidance of the Harris-Murphy Youth Foundation, which is registered with the Georgia Secretary of State as a non-profit corporation. The Harris-Murphy Youth Foundation is in the application process of the 501(c) 3 Non-profit Corporation classification. Both The Harris-Murphy Youth Foundation and The Generals Youth Football and Cheerleading Association are 100% volunteer organizations, with no paid staff members. We are comprised of youth coaches with over 50 years of combined coaching experience, and an organization of youth coaches, parents, and volunteers with a passion for youth football, and cheerleading. We believe in mentoring children, and supporting our community through our service and outreach.

The Association Board

Title Name
President Lenard Harris
Vice President  
Treasurer Yolanda Leaks
Secretary Destiny Carr
Cheer Director Yiolanda Leaks (Acting)
Head Coach 6U Chris Murphy
Head Coach 7U Rodney Walker
Head Coach 8U Greg Wallace
Head Coach 9U Pat
Head Coach 10U Jeff Smoot
Head Coach 11 JP Bond
Head Coach 12U TBD

The Harris-Murphy Youth Foundation

Here are the Trustees of The Harris-Murphy Youth Foundation:

  • Lenard Harris
  • Chris Murphy
  • Vicki Burton
  • Ebony Harris
  • Felecia Murphy

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